Ants enter homes and businesses through mini cracks, following each other by scent. Once they enter they then settle and nest, often going unnoticed. This allows for them to create major problems to the infrastructure of one’s home or business.

Their entrance way is not limited through the front door, if there are any small holes within a building, ants are provided an entry way. Among many types of ants, the black carpenter ant, can be just as damaging to wood as termites, so it is important not to ignore and let these minuscule insects nester into your place of being.

Ants are attracted to all types of foods especially sugar, so ensuring that your food is properly put away and that cooking areas are properly cleaned, and to be careful for those lingering crumbs on the floor will lessen the chance of attracting ants.

Property owners in the trip-state area who are dealign with an ant infestation should contact Wharton’s Exterminating Services, LLC, ¬†immediately to eradicate the problem through effective pest control technique to prevent infrastructure issues.

Bed Bugs

According to the Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List, New York reaches the top 5 (nothing to be proud of) this could be do to the business of our city. These blood feeding parasites attach to our skin at night in order to feed. They are known as bed bugs because the ease of accessibility of ¬†human’s skin due to sleeping; however, they can infest our clothing, furniture, bags, and things alike.

Bed bugs are often hard to spot due to their mini bodies and their desire to feed at night. These insects usually have a reddish-brown color with an oval shape and are often no bigger than 1/4 inch in length. No fear, we here at Wharton Exterminating Services have laid out a few signs that one’s home might be infested with bed bugys

  • Red and Brown spots on mattresses
  • Itchy red bites that are often lineal
  • Clear bug shells, this indicated the bed bug has grown in size and has left its old exterior







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