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Do I Have A Bed Bug Infestation?

There are many different signs of a Bed Bug infestation. Although, bedrooms are the primary locations for a Bed Bug infestation, Bed Bugs can and will travel with you into your living room couch, your car seat, and your desk at work. Wherever you go they’ll find a place to live, breed and multiply. In the event of a Bed Bug infestation, contact a certified Bed Bug Removal company (that’s us).

Tel-Tale Signs Of A

Bed Bug Infestation.

While Bed Bug infestations are not limited to beds and bedrooms, these itchy little critters earned the name “bed bug” because that is exactly where you’re likely to first find them. Bed Bugs are attracted to dark tight spaces and need to feast on warm blood to survive.

So the seams of wooden bedframes and mattresses are the perfect home and sleeping humans are a perfect meal, creating the perfect environment for a bed-bug infestation.

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Things To Look For:

  • Bed Bug Bites: Bed Bugs leave groups of small itchy bites around the body
  • Seams of furniture: Bed Bugs hide and wait in the seams of mattresses and furniture for most of the day before they come out for their midnight snack (that’s you)
  • Feces: You may find dark areas on near your mattresses seams where the Bed Bugs left fecal matter.
  • Blood: Lastly, you will find blood spots on clothes, bedding and furniture.

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