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Unwelcome Creatures And The Pest Control Services To Remove Them

Welcome to the pest library, where you can learn about the most common pests in New York. From the tiniest critters to bigger four-legged creatures, these creatures have a reputation for sneaking in to infest homes and commercial spaces

With the right support on your side, you’ll never need to worry about these pesky intruders. Wharton Exterminating Services is a family-run business with 25 years of experience offering certified pest control. We use organic products to remove these creepy-crawlies from your home or commercial space. Scroll down to see our pest hall of shame and learn why it’s crucial to remove these creatures as quickly as possible.



Ant Extermination Pest Control New York

Ants can lift up to 20 times their own body weight, often bringing kitchen crumbs back to their nests to feed. These tiny titans travel in colonies, so once you’ve seen one, there are likely more to follow. They are attracted to all types of food, especially sugar, and can move through tiny cracks, making nests in hidden places.

Rap Sheet: Ants can enter your premises through any point from the front door to a tiny crack in your wall. These creatures can be more than just a nuisance. For example, black carpenter ants can damage your home’s wooden infrastructure just as much as termites. Look out for ants by checking any food you’ve left out, listening for rustling noises in your walls, and keeping an eye out for ant trails around your home.

The Solution: Wharton Exterminating Services can take care of your ant infestation in no time. Our advanced pest control treatments will remove those pesky insects from any commercial space or home, so you can rest assured knowing there’s no army on their way to steal your leftovers.

Bed Bugs


Bed Bug Extermination Pest Control New York

New York City wants to be known for many things, but not the 6th worst bed bug city in the United States. These tiny nocturnal pests feed on our blood as we sleep and can easily travel on luggage or clothing to spread to new places. The stealthy insect is hard to see, as it usually does not grow larger than 1/4 inches long. They get their name because beds are the easiest place for them to find a snack (AKA you), but they can thrive on other furniture as well.

Rap Sheet: If a few bed bugs come into your home on someone’s bag or clothes, that is enough to spark an infestation. They will make their way to your bed or furniture and may go undetected until you notice bites on your skin. If you wake up one morning with red, itchy bites in a linear pattern, you might have a bed bug problem. You may also find transparent bug shells on fabric or red and brown spots on your mattress or furniture.

The Solution: Wharton Exterminating Services is here to rid your home of bed bugs for good. We offer these advanced pest control services in and around New York.



Cockroach Extermination Pest Control New York

Cockroaches are a particularly pesky insect as they are notoriously difficult to kill. They’ve been around since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and it looks like they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. These pests can live up to two weeks without water and one month without food, and they will eat just about anything.

Rap Sheet: Cockroaches can enter your premises through cracks or holes, open windows or doors, or even by hitchhiking on a bag. They enjoy warm environments where they can find food and water. You may spot their droppings, eggs, shedded skin, or even live cockroaches in your home.

The Solution: With Wharton Exterminating Services, we offer our organic pest control services in New York, offering great value whether you want one-off, monthly or quarterly services.



Insect Extermination Pest Control New York

Contrary to popular belief, earwigs will not crawl into your ears! However, these bugs do enjoy dark spaces and are often found in buildings with wooden foundations. This flat-bodied insect eats vegetation like fungi and moss, decaying organic matter, and even those greasy fries you left out in the kitchen. They thrive best in dark, wet spaces, so you may find them in your basement or under the kitchen sink.

Rap Sheet: Earwigs live outside but may venture into your home or commercial space through a crack or opening in search of a more pleasant environment. Earwigs do not cause damage to your home, although they’re not very pretty to look at. They may give off an odor if disturbed and can be detrimental to growing flowers or veggies.

The Solution: At Wharton Exterminating Services, we know how to remove earwigs from your premises quickly and easily. And our eco-friendly products aren’t hazardous to you.



Any New York resident knows rats and mice could easily replace the beaver as our state’s animal. These rodents eat almost anything, grazing on trash or even tearing into food packaging. Mice and rats move around a lot and can easily sneak into your home or commercial space.

Rap sheet: Mice and rats can enter a space through holes in the walls, floors, or foundation. They are attracted to food and water, so any sign of these can attract rodents to your property. They usually live in spaces like cupboards, cellars, attics, or walls. They can cause structural damage to your property and also carry dangerous diseases and viruses.

The Solution: At Wharton Exterminating Services, we offer our rodent pest control service in New York and the surrounding area to ensure our state’s least favorite creature knows it’s not welcome in your home or commercial property.



Silverfish aren’t as pretty as their name. They’re brown or silver insects with flat bodies and fish-like scales. They move quickly through spaces and sustain themselves on damp paper, cloth, glue, clothing, or food. They like damp, dark areas of your property, like kitchens, bathrooms, garages, or laundry rooms. They are resistant to many insecticides, so they can be tricky to remove by yourself.

Rap Sheet: Silverfish may come into your home by hitching a ride on cardboard boxes, books, or paper materials. They cause damage to paper or cloth items, scratching their teeth through anything from wallpaper to clothing. Keep an eye out for this type of damage as a sign that you have a silverfish infestation.

The Solution: Wharton Exterminating Services can get rid of your silverfish infestation quickly and easily. We offer organic treatments pest control services to remove this pesky creature and make sure it stays away from your paper or cloth goods.



Ah, spiders. Everyone’s least favorite pest. These creepy-crawlers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors and are always unwelcome in homes and commercial spaces. Spiders primarily eat other insects, but that doesn’t mean you want them in your home.

Rap Sheet: Spiders can enter your home through open doors or windows and may go unnoticed as they often travel alone. However, spider webs and eggs may give this creature away. While many spiders are harmless, several have a poisonous bite and should be removed from your home or commercial space as quickly as possible.

The Solution: Wharton Exterminating Services can ensure dangerous spiders stay away from your premises. Our pest control treatments remove these creatures swiftly and keep them from coming back.



Wildlife like raccoons, skunks, squirrels, or bats can be a frustrating nuisance on your property. These creatures may be attracted to the trash around your home or the warm environment inside a commercial space. They can come in through open doors, windows, or holes on the property.

Rap Sheet: Wildlife will make itself known easily. Many animals make a mess by eating your trash, making noise in the attic, or simply coming out to say hello. Their presence is an obvious problem, as wildlife can be destructive to the property and often carries harmful bacteria and disease.

The Solution: To eradicate a wildlife visitor, you’ll want a professional, certified pest control team on your side. Our customized solutions are perfect for your needs, whatever your budget.

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