Rodent Extermination

Mouse In The House?

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Rodent Extermination

Now, I can go deep into the differences between mice, rats and the multiple variations of both, but I know you don’t care, as long as they’re not in your homes and/or businesses. However, For general knowledge, I’ll share a couple of, not so, fun facts about these rodents and why mice & rat control is imperative for the health and safety of your family and/or customers. As of March 2021 requests for rodent extermination in New York have increased by 80%; especially commercial rodent control. This is a serious issue. One single mouse can carry up to 40 different deadly parasites. So the sooner you get rid of your mouse problem the better.

Do I have a rodent Infestation?

The good thing is, unlike other pest control issues, a rodent infestation is easy to spot. This is a good thing for homeowners, not so good for business owners.

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What should I look for?

  • Mice leave small black pellets (aka mouse droppings) around areas where they travel the most.
  • Mouse droppings are usually found in kitchens or wherever you may store food (pantries, cupboards, etc.)
  • Mice leave chew marks on containers storing food, soap, and other soft fabrics
  • Mice are nocturnal so you’ll hear and see them running behind furniture and around your kitchen throughout the night.

How Did The Rodents Get In?

The most obvious way is right through the front door but it’s usually not that simple. Mice and rats are very flexible and can penetrate holes outside and inside of your home as small as a nickel. These entry points are usually near windows, pipes, and doors.

How Do I Get Rid of Rodents?

I highly suggest contacting a pest control company for rodent extermination, because most DIY methods just wont cut it, in the event of a mouse or rat infestation. However, cleaning up spills, crumbs, and clutter around your home or business will make it less welcoming for rodents who are attracted to crumbs and clutter.

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Wharton Exterminating Services is staffed with certified pest control experts ready to get rid of all of your pest problems. If you’re in need of rodent extermination give us a call. Our team of pest control technicians are 5 star rated on google. We’ll get rid of your rodent problem for good.

…Because A Pest Free Home Is A Happy Home.

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