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Termites Bringing Down The House?

Don’t wait! Schedule a Termite Inspection with one of our certified Termite Treatment technicians.

Termite Damage Costs American Homeowners $5 Billion Dollars A Year

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A Termite inspection and treatment can save you thousands of dollars in termite damage repair costs. If you’re in need of a termite inspection in New York City, Long Island or Westchester, give us a call.

termite control

Signs of a Termite Infestation:

  • Wood Damage (Funnels): Hollow grooves around wood. Honeycomb appearance.
  • Discarded Wings: Termites discard their wings after a swarm. Look for piles of small wings.
  • Holes In Drywall: Termites often chew hole through drywall.
  • Blistered Wood: Dark or blistered flooring, stairs, or any other wood structure in or around your home are signs of termite presence.
  • Mud Tubes: Long thin tubes in the soil that connect termites to their food source.

North American Termites

Subterranean Termites

termite control

Formosan Termites

termite control

Drywood Termites

Michael and his team are professional and seem to truly care about helping to solve your insect or rodent problem. They came the same day and gave my apartment a thorough treatment. I would recommend Wharton for your exterminating needs.

— Devon S.

Since we contracted to use Wharton Exterminating we have not had any problems with uninvited guests and pests. We had a squirrel problem. They came out identified to entrance point, and then proceeded to remove the invaders. I am so grateful for their timely response and professional service. They even use environmentally friendly solutions and humane practices. Kudos!!!!!

— Paul G.

Wharton Exterminating Services

WhartonEX Pest Control Professionals

Wharton Exterminating Services is staffed with certified termite control experts ready to get rid of all of your pest problems. If you’re in need of termite control in New York, Long Island, or Westchester give us a call. Our team of pest control technicians are 5 star rated on google. We’ll get rid of your termite problem for good.

…Because A Pest Free Home Is A Happy Home.

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