Pest Control Services

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Each exterminator within the Wharton Exterminating Family is licensed, registered, and ready to crush those creepy crawlers! Did I mention that our products are environmentally friendly? well…they are!

Our products take care of the issue without leaving any residue or hazardous chemicals in your home or business. Our top priority is the safety of you and your family.

Wharton Exterminating Services offers efficient, reliable, and quality pest control. When it comes to keeping your home pest free, we strive to ensure that price is not a problem. Our prices are individualized and based on the work at hand, in other words, we do not charge for what you do not need! We promise to provide high-quality pest control, regardless of your budget.

  • One-Time Pest Control – Call us when you need us; once a year, once every 6 months, or once every three years, it’s up to you and your circumstances (interior only)

  • Monthly/Bi-Monthly – This service available for both interior and exterior pest control. This package provides on-going pest control services. Not only will we get rid of your unwanted-guests but we will provide preventative pest control services on a monthly basis to make sure they don’t creep their way back in.

  • Quarterly Services – This package is the same as the one above it. The only difference is this service is done four times for the year and we service inside as well as outside of your home or business in order to eradicate any potential pest problems.

  • We also provide Garage and Attic Services


You’d think searching for quality pest control would be simpler in a city like New York. We know from experience, finding people to do a job is easy, finding someone you can trust? not so much. This is where are clients, turned family members, come into play. We believe there’s no better marketing than quality work done by quality people! That’s why we get most of our new customers through old-fashioned “word of mouth”. So, if your in the New York area give us a call, we look forward to adding you to our family.

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